Computer Consulting


We are help you to grow your business

Global IT Networking Company is located in London and various surrounding areas offering a variety of computer-consulting services. Whether your business is small, just starting or expanding, Global IT Networking Services can accommodate you. We look at computer consulting as a way to inform you of what your company currently has in place, what services you might need, and we make necessary recommendations to progress your business for ongoing future development.

We offer the reports we generate to your company as a route map. Our no fix-no-fee policy means that after our evaluations, your company is not confined to our recommendations or feel obligated to enlist Global IT Networking Services for your service as many other types of consulting companies will stress in their contracts.

However, if you choose to follow our advice and request our expert facilities to implement our recommendations, we would be more than willing to help. The following consulting services are available:

  • Business Diagnostics
  • IT Diagnostics
  • Software Selection and Implementation
  • Equipment Selection and Installation

Business Diagnostics

An important first step in computer consulting is determining how your business operates. Global IT Network Services will accomplish this first step by accessing your current business practices, policies, and procedures to determine the appropriate recommendations for your business.

IT Diagnostics

The next step is to determine where a business’ current IT operations. Global IT Network Services will use its IT diagnostic tools to look at your existing IT operation and its needs. We will go through your current business IT infrastructure, to examine both the software and hardware currently in use. Understanding the infrastructure only tells half the story, though. So, as part of our computer consulting procedures, Global IT Network Services will also interview key personnel in your business to help determine your needs. After this analysis, a report and presentation will be given to your recommended IT staff, outlining the status of your IT operations, the opportunities from which your IT operations might be able to benefit, and future recommendations for your IT operations.

Software Selection and Implementation

Through the initial computer consulting, Global IT Network Services will recommend an appropriate software and its implementation path that will ensure your business meets its goals and aspirations. A few common complaints with other software vendors: bad customer service, features that don’t work, misleading pricing, confusing service agreements, poor post-purchase support, too many options to decide on a solution, and finally that the software solution doesn’t end up fitting the business. Our experience, knowledge and commitment to service delivery together with our policies and procedures override all these complaints for your safety and peace of mind.

Equipment Selection and Implementation

Often, companies buy new networking/computing equipment that are not needed or anywhere near the useful required equipment for their business. This results in frequent malfunctioning system which cost them high stress, aggravation and financial lost due to significant data lost. To avoid this situation, we start with item assessment before implementing correct configuration of the system. Global IT Network Services will look for what your company is lacking in IT equipment to recommend the appropriate available IT equipment on the marketplace for your business to run efficiently and effortlessly. We have a myriad of experience in all types of computing hardware; this includes network switches, firewalls, routers, wireless systems etc. Global IT Network Services will customize these devices to the needs of your company while extracting all the business value possible out of this equipment for your company. Global IT Network Services will work with your business and staff through this entire process to keep the equipment selection and implementation on a path that works for your company.