Email Hosting


Email Hosting for your small & medium size Business

Email hosting offers you professional, reliable business email. Instead of using free email providers like Yahoo or Gmail, email hosting lets you setup multiple professional email addresses that all match your domain. Our teams of technical support are available at any time to advise you of the best hosting email company in the city that will provide you access to your email at any time, whilst protected by antivirus and antispam technologies.

Comparison between In-house Exchange and Hosted Exchange

Hosted exchanges have several benefits over in-house solutions, especially for small and medium-size businesses. These are as follows:

  • Cost: Hosted solutions are paid for by a monthly subscription, whereas the hardware and software needed to operate an in-house exchange must be internally financed. Overall, hosted solutions are usually cheaper.
  • Installation: Installation of a hosted solution can take a matter of hours or at most a few days compared to weeks or months to purchase and install on-premise exchanges.
  • Email storage: Hosted exchanges in the cloud offer almost unlimited storage, while in-house exchange servers must be continuously upgraded as files grow.
  • Maintenance: The cloud service provider is responsible for all software and hardware maintenance, whereas customers are responsible for maintenance of in-house exchanges.
  • Upgrading: Upgrading in-house solutions are expensive and tricky, but cloud exchanges can be seamlessly upgraded with no interruption of service.
  • Disaster recovery: Cloud vendors offer sophisticated disaster recovery solutions.