Server Setup


Server Setup

In today’s marketplace, there are limited vendors that sell hardware servers. There are places where one can even go to build your own DIY servers to reflect your personal specifications. With these vendors, there is an almost endless supply of configurations a customer can make for a server. Here at Global IT Networking Services, we’ll take the guesswork out of figuring out what server fits your business and needs; focus on your computer needs and supply to your specific requirements.

Server Design

Global IT Networking Services will focus on the specifications of the server that will work perfectly according to your service needs and goals for success. As a result, your server will support the work done by your employees in a seamless faction, protect your data securely, reliably and durably.

Budgeting for a server

When Global IT Networking Services plans a server for your business, we look at your budget. There are many server setups that can meet your business needs. This means that we can find a setup that fits within your budget.

Server installation

Global IT Networking Services don’t stop at the server specifications, we offer a wide range of services. We fully handle the setup and configuration of the server once it is on site. Global IT Network Services comes to your place of business to do all server setup and ensure that when a server is being set up that the transition is easy for your employees.

Server monitoring

Once your server is installed, we will monitor it for to ensure perfect functionality. Monitoring your server means that Global IT Networking Services takes the time to know what the problems are with your server. Monitoring helps increase the life of your server and decreases the chances of data lost and virus interference.

Server maintenance

At Global IT Networking Services computers, we do monthly and semi-annual maintenance checks on the servers of our customers. These checks enable us to determine if your server is up-to-date and to identify any hardware problems for prompt solution. Maintenance of the server is important, because we find problems before they escalate to affect your business.

Is your network able to handle all the data traffic your company generates? Are there computers in your organization that require network access, and yet you have no idea on the best solution? Do you have some newer hardware from a different vendor that you think you were oversold on? These are a few of many questions Global IT Networking Services Computers will be asking about your company’s physical network. We evaluate what you currently have in place and determine whether this meet or exceed what you actually need. If your company needs more networking capability, then we will efficiently and effectively design a network that fits your business. Global IT Networking Services teams have a wealth of knowledge and experiences, our IT technicians will set up and configure the network design for your company to suit your workload. Here at Global IT Networking Services, we don’t just stop at designing and implementing a network for your company; we also offer the service of monitoring your network remotely. We complete scheduled preventative maintenance so you can be rest assured that downtime will be as minimal as possible.