Software Installations


Software Installations

Whether the installations are for Microsoft Office product and/or antivirus protection, Global IT Networking Services technicians complete these tasks efficiently, enabling you to spend this saved time on other, more crucial areas of your business.

Operating Systems

What are operating systems? They are the main software that makes a hardware device work, whether it is as simple as a laptop or device as complex as a server. On most hardware, it’s easy enough to install these software operating systems. The key then is to correctly configure these systems, which is often a complex and time-intensive task.

Windows updates

When dealing with Microsoft software operating systems, to correctly install and configure the operating system is the most basic task. We diligently work on patches and updates that address generic issues with the operating system and important security-related patches that make the operating system more secure. These are released from Microsoft on a schedule each month. Often, these patches require a restart of the system after installation.


Adobe has many products that help businesses to run effectively. Some of the software used by businesses are Reader, Flash, and Air. Managing the updates to these applications is important to support your business running smoothly.


There are many anti-virus software options in the market today. As a business owner, it can be difficult to decide which anti-virus system is best for your business. Global IT Networking Services will help your business decide the best solution for your business, but we also recognize that no anti-virus finds all viruses.

.Net Framework

Net Framework is a Microsoft software that is used in many software products. Many practice management and electronic health care system use the .Net Framework as the basis of their software. In these businesses, the management of .Net Framework becomes a necessity. Global IT Networking Services is here to help your company manage .Net Framework and work with your software vendors in managing their programs and ensuring the .Net Framework works for you and not against you.